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Benefits of APSSP Membership

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The Benefits of APSSP membership

  • Membership in a province wide union that focuses exclusively on representing the needs of professional student support service staff.
  • Membership in a union with some of the best collective agreement language, including salary rates, among professional support student staff in the province.
  • A democratic union in which each and every member is invited and may vote at the annual general meeting.
  • A Union with a structure that allows for a considerable degree of local autonomy and provides a generous dues rebate to Local Chapters.
  • Access to legal services, benefits consultants, and professional union negotiation services.
  • Ongoing support and training opportunities including an annual education weekend for local executives and two Saturday workshops for grievance and collective bargaining.
  • Legal support to members in dealing with CAS allegations.
  • A dues structure set at 1% of salary which is the among the lowest in the education sector (all dues are tax deductable).
  • Communication and consultation with the Ministry of Education.
  • Experience and success in negotiating a province wide framework to support local negotiations.

How Can We Organize a Bargaining Unit at Our Workplace?

Contact Us, the provincial president through the APSSP website for further details.

  • Invite an APSSP representative to speak with you and your colleagues on the benefits of APSSP membership.
  • Arrange for as many employees as possible in the new bargaining unit to sign APSSP membership cards. At least 40% of the bargaining unit must sign cards in order for the Ontario Labour Relations Board to order a vote.
  • APSSP will use its professional consultant to file an application with the Ontario Labour Relations Board.
  • Within 5 working days of the application a secret ballot vote will be held.
  • The Board will certify the Union if more than 50% of the ballots are cast in favour of APSSP.