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Attendance Counsellors

Attendance Counsellors work collaboratively with school personnel, students, parents/guardians and an interdisciplinary team of other professionals to ensure that each child’s right to an education is protected.

The Attendance Counsellor has jurisdiction over and is responsible for the enforcement of compulsory school attendance with respect to every child who is required to attend school (ages 6 to 18). However, as implied by the title, the role is primarily that of a counsellor. It is important, therefore, that the attendance counsellor not be expected to act as an enforcer or used as a threat. Attendance counsellors perform the duties and carry out the responsibilities of a school attendance counsellor as set down in the Education Act and the Ministry of Education and Training Regulation 308/92 and Bill 52 pertaining to Compulsory Education:

  • Assist students/families/schools in the development and implementation of a school attendance plan within a school setting or other appropriate alternative educational settings;
  • Obtain consent and meet with students to provide support on a one to one basis;
  • Assist educators and families to utilize the services of appropriate community agencies;
  • Participate in designated Identification, Placement & Review Committee meetings, school and community-based, case conferences, and court/probation liaison as needed;
  • Consult with members of a collaborative team and community agencies in the provision of family support;
  • Act as a resource for Supervised Alternative Learning for Excused Pupils (S.A.L.E.P.)

Attendance counsellors may hold a range of academic qualifications including a Community College Diploma, an Undergraduate Degree or Masters Degree in a related field. Attendance Counsellors may be registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. Attendance Counsellors may be certified members of the Ontario Association for Counselling and Attendance Services (O.A.C.A.S.) which is a provincial organization representing counsellors working in the area of school attendance counselling and/or be recognized as a Ministry of Education Attendance Counselling Specialist.

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